One of the first charitable tasks undertaken by the early Guilds was to care for their members in sickness and old age.  From these early beginnings all Livery Companies have been keen to support charitable activities and education.

The Lightmonger Company has similarly provided Charitable support since its foundation to numerous charities.

The Lightmongers’ principal charitable efforts are directed towards those with sensory impairments, in particular sight and hearing.

In it’s early years, the Company was involved with donations to Guide Dogs for the Blind providing funding for the training of a number of Guide dogs.   More recently the company has provided support to the Canine Partners for Independence with Liverymen raising large sums by charitable means.

The charitable activities extend to Moorfields Eye Hospital, The Royal National Institute for the Blind, Greater London Fund for the Blind, The National Library for the Blind and the National Listening Library.   In addition, the City of London is well supported with the Police, the Lord Mayor, St Paul’s and the Hackney Carriage Drivers.

In addition to these many charities the Company organises charitable events to raise funds for other good causes. In particular, there is the Company Golf Day in April of each year which raises funds for the Company Charities,  in 2011 the Master, Eddie Taylor, carried our a sponsored walk and raised £6000, half for the Lord mayor's charity - Coram and RedR UK and half for the two Company alliliated schools - Mary Hare and New College Worcester.

The above are an indication of the charities supported and the Company is always looking to enhance it’s charitable efforts and is open to ideas from all Liverymen and members whose continued involvement is needed to fulfil one of our roles as a Livery Company.  

Further details can be obtained from our Clerk.

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