Letter from Flt Lt Mark Bird GCGI RAFVR(T) to 56 Woolwich Squadron

Wow…We are standing on the top of a mountain as the Top Squadron within the United Kingdom. It’s a priviledge and honour to achieve such an accolade and something that was a distant dream and only the very best Squadron’s ever accomplished. Now we can stand amongst them with our heads held high.

This is all the more remarkable to think when I walked into the Squadron back in 2008 we only had 5 cadets and a mountain to climb, and wow what a journey we have undertaken. Massive congratulations to my staff and civillian committee past and present for their commitment and dedication to the Squadron. Your work and dedication often goes unnoticed and unannounced but you are the sentinels keeping watch at night, without you there is no 56.

Special mention should also go to the Worshipful Company of Lightmongers and their Master for their constant support and encouragement over the years; we treasure our affilliation and thank you for sharing your light with us here at 56.

We also thank everyone throughout the Wing and beyond for their guidance, encouragement and support over the yearsand we salute and thank you.

The biggest stars are the cadets of 56 Squadron past and present, every single cadet that has walked through the door of the Squadron has playes their part in making the Squadron a success. Their commitment , enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication has made the Squadron what it is today. I am priviledged to command such an outstanding Squadron of cadets. They have won the Lees Trophy deservedly and more importantly they have won with their HEARTS. My role models and inspiration are my cadets who are 56 Squadron.

Sir Alan Lees first command in the Royal Air Force was 56(F) Squadron, is it not spooky but extremely fitting his trophyhas now been won by 56 Royal Air Force Cadets.

Extremely proud to be 56 and priviledged to be the commanding officer.

Quid Si Coelum Ruat

Flt Lt Mark Bird GCGI RAFVR(T)

56 (Woolwich) Squadron ATC