RAF Reserves – 606 Chiltern Squadron, RAF Benson

606 (Chiltern) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force

Company’s third Armed Services affiliation is with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and was made in 2004 with 606 Chiltern Squadron) based at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire. 606 comprises a Headquarters element and 4 operational flights; Logistics Engineering, Operations and Regiment, a total of 187 personnel to augment the support Helicopter force in times of crises and war. The Support Helicopter Force itself comprises of all of the Royal Air Force’s Support Helecopter Squadrons together with the associated ground forces required to conduct 24 hour operations in support of the British Army.

606 is part of the Joint Helicopter Command providing support to the operation of the tri-service command across the whole range of its work. It is unique in being the only Reserve Squadron to do so. Members of the squadron have again deployed across all the theatres in which the UK has been involved including Iraq, Afganistan and the Balkans.

The Lightmongers’ RAF Military Merit Award for excellence is sponsored by Past Master Rod Bennion with the Award being presented by the Master and the Sponsor at the Lightmonger Awards Dinner, usually held in March of each year. The nominations for the Award are made by the Commanding Officer of 606 Squadron.