Lightmongers and Education


From their earliest times the ancient guilds undertook a responsibility for the education and training of young people. Training apprentices in their craft or trade was an important part of a liveryman’s duties. The traditional apprentice became less common over the years but a few Livery companies maintained the practice. The concern for young people continues today by the growing involvement of Livery Companies in supporting schools, universities and colleges.

The Lightmongers educational activity has grown significantly over the last two decades. It was decided that the resources of the Company were better suited to encouraging students through a wide-ranging programme of awards that, allied to other significant charitable activities, is a central feature of the high profile of the Lightmongers in the City of London Livery movement. Members generously sponsor some of these awards and that is very much appreciated by the Company.

In addition to the Awards programme the Lightmongers also introduced a Journeyman scheme (a form of apprenticeship) to encourage younger members, see link below.

Presentations to Award winners are made at various Lightmonger functions, giving members the opportunity to meet the young people whose excellent work has merited recognition and the reward of a monetary prize plus the chance to experience a formal ‘City’ dinner.

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