The Events Committee are pleased to be holding a ‘Pumble’ event around the City of London. (The word ‘Pumble’ is derived from the term Pub Ramble).

Working in teams of between 2 and 5 people (more heads provide more eyes!) you will navigate a mystery route by solving a trail of directional & observational clues.

There will be staging posts (pubs) throughout the route for handing in your answer sheets and partaking in liquid refreshment.

Clues along the route vary from easy to hard, from plaques to drain covers! Extra tasks include finding items to collect and taking team photos, all of which are worth points, and the team with the most points will be declared the Pumble Champions!

If you are struggling, help can be obtained from Stewards for a ‘small fee’.

The event will last around 3 hours and a light buffet and drink will be provided at the finish.

Places are limited so do send your application in to the Clerk (email is fine) as soon as possible.


Start time: 5:00pm

Meeting Place: TBA

£35 per person

Members, partners & guests welcome


City of London Pumble Event Application Form