Background to the Lightmongers and its CSR Policy


Many Companies have adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy as part of their business model.

One definition of a CSR Policy it that it reflects “A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates”.

Whilst the Lightmongers are not a trading Company we believe it is appropriate that we should introduce our own CSR Policy, which reflects the activities we undertake on behalf of our members, particularly in the areas of Charity and Education – click here for our CSR Policy.

Background to the Lightmongers:

The Lightmongers’ are a City of London Livery Company and a not-for-profit organisation. Our membership comprises people from across the whole lighting sector e.g. lighting design, product design, manufacturing, distribution, installation, general servicing & support etc. New members are always welcome.

As a City of London Livery Company we have three main areas of activity:

  • Promoting fellowship and networking within the industry;
  • Promoting the realisation of the potential of people, particularly younger people, within the industry through encouraging lighting education and supporting our military affiliates;
  • Providing financial donations to charities that support those that suffer from sensory deprivation of sight and/or hearing, where good lighting can enhance quality of life, and selected charities supported by the City of London movement.

Membership of a Livery Company is personal to an individual and can provide considerable satisfaction and benefits to the individual. This takes the form of networking within the industry and opportunities for individual members to give something back to wider society through supporting the activities of the Company in its Charity and Education work.

For fuller detail of the Lightmongers Charity and Education work please click here for the relevant section of our website and follow the various pages in the section.