Criteria for CSR Policy Supporter membership

  • Commitment to support the constitution and objectives of the Lightmongers Company and Charitable Trust whilst a Supporter member.
  • Commitment to encourage relevant employees of the organisation to become members of and actively participate in the Lightmongers Company.
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  • Commitment to provide financial and practical support to the activities of the Lightmongers Company. This would include:
    • At least one employee being an individual member of the Lightmongers Company
    • An annual Corporate Social Responsibility member subscription of £1000, which will be fully applied to the Charity and Education work of the Charitable Trust and not used to cover operating costs.
    • Sponsorship of at least one Education or Charity activity or event of the Lightmongers each year.

If after becoming a Lightmonger CSR Policy Supporter member any actions by the Supporter are in conflict with these criteria or the criteria are not actually fulfilled, the Lightmongers Company and the Lightmongers Charitable Trust may withdraw an organisations Supporter membership and ask them to cease referring to being a CSR Policy Supporter and delete reference to the Supporter member status wherever they are using it.