At the last Court meeting held on Friday the 4th of November 2016, the Master John Rowsell installed two new liverymen and one of our existing freemen, Eric Anderson, was clothed with the livery, thus becoming a Liveryman of the Company.

Attracting new members to our livery company is one of our key aims and it is always a pleasure to see members progress in the Company. These were the last additions to the company to be installed during John’s year as later in the proceedings our new Master Mike Simpson was installed at a ceremony in Common Hall.

I know you will join me in thanking Deputy Master John Rowsell for an excellent year and congratulating our new Master Mike Simpson and wishing him a successful year ahead.

In the photograph below, left to right, are:

Julian Michalski          Freeman

Eric Anderson              Liveryman

Deputy Master            John Rowsell

Peter Elliott                 Freeman

Just to remind all members that progression to the livery can only be done once they have obtained their freedom of the City of London. A wonderful privilege and one to be enjoyed; if you are unsure how to progress details are available from the Clerk.