I was delighted with the level of support from the company for this my first formal event.

Over 80 members and guests were welcomed aboard HQS Wellington by members of Haringey Sea Cadets (TS Wizard) and were entertained to music provided by 56 Woolwich Air Cadets.

Lt Col Richard Hawkins CO of 101 City of London Royal Engineers was my principal guest and spoke to us about bomb disposal during World War 2 a fascinating and extremely interesting talk.

Capt. John Freestone past Master Mariner gave us some of the history of HQS Wellington.

Past Master Bill Wright and his wife Stephanie were accompanied by guests from New England who are on a Rotary Exchange.

The principal reasons for holding this reception is for members of our company to get to know the Wardens as they progress towards the chair. The second reason is to help boost our charitable funds allowing us to provide support to the numerous worthy causes we are able to help.

We do not at this stage have final figures but have at least raised £1000 with hopefully more to follow.

I am very grateful to the sponsorship provided by Peter McVeigh’s company Status International and also to Kingfisher Lighting.

I am now planning what to do for my Senior Wardens Event and hope I will be able to once again call on your support.

Barbara Harding
Junior Warden