I hope that you have been following the story of the Lightmongers benches outside the Royal Exchange.

Past Master John Otten has been able to shed some light on the issue (pun intended) and discovered that the benches date back to 1984, the year the Lightmongers gained full Worshipful Company status.

The Master of that year Leslie Hill was able to attend the Lord Mayor’s dinner for Masters and their ladies of all livery companies. The Deputy Master of the day, Ken Last, attended the election of the Sheriffs at Guildhall and it was agreed that the Lightmongers would contribute to the purchase of 4 engraved wooden benches to be placed in the Royal Exchange forecourt. The benches would be refurbished by the great twelve oldest livery companies.

The Lightmongers being the youngest company (at that time) then being associated with the oldest.

That still does not tell us who the people are in the picture but maybe this will help to jog other people’s minds.