On the 11th of May the Masters Consort, John Harding, welcomed 43 fellow mistresses and Consorts to lunch at Tallow Chandlers Hall. As well as being a social occasion the lunch was also raising funds for the Lightmongers Charitable Trust and the causes it supports, so the generous support of all those attending was much appreciated.

Many Livery companies were represented and the lunch concluded with the appearance of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 1st


Dressed in period costume, she gave a full reflection on her life and her impact on the nation. Following her presentation she answered some tough questions from those in attendance demonstrating her superb knowledge of Gloriana, finally posing for photos.

Her alter ego is Lesley Smith, who is curator of Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, and is capable of taking on the persona of a number of famous ladies from history. In fact she appeared as Nell Gwynne when Barbara was mistress.

I have received many lovely letters of thanks from those who attended. The programme of events put on for Mistresses and Consorts during the year to date have been superb and I have enjoyed attending as many of them as possible.