On 28th of April 2023, our Master Jamie Berry, Junior Warden Tony Ginman and Cadet Liaison Officer, Liveryman Phil Webb, were invited to visit our affiliated air cadets to watch them in action at their training centre. It has to be said there was definitely plenty of action for the visitors for the whole of the time they were there. It would have been easy to just watch the cadets go through the various training sessions on one of their two weekly training nights, but no – the Lightmonger guests were invited to take part in a number of the activities and skill sets to gauge their levels of efficiency!

Drumming, Fieldcraft, Command Tasks, Drill, Flight Simulator and First Aid were the order of the day. After a quick coffee and sandwiches (sticky buns were not on the menu) they were escorted outside where a number of activities were set up. First off, our Master, Jamie, and Junior Warden, Tony, practiced their co-ordination and rhythm at drumming under the watchful eye of the assembled cadets.

Next onto fieldcraft where Jamie and Phil donned combat jackets, webbing vests and hats (Master asked if his head looked big in this hat, but Phil said no of course not!), a few minutes of patrolling and silent signalling to each other round the front of the building.

The Command Task was a little trickier, having to safely place small pellets of “radioactive” material into a container without handling them, using the items provided, then moving that container across to the safe area. They did manage to drop the container but be assured that no property or cadets were harmed by the fall-out!

The Master and Phil then lined up for drill with the recruits! Under the watchful eye of the drill-instructor they were put through their paces, albeit that the drill-instructor kept it simple for them with just “standing to attention”, “stand at ease” and “stand easy”!

Flight Simulator – after submitting their flight-plan all three of the Lightmonger visitors had a go and found this task fun. Tony successfully landed on his first attempt! It was good see what the cadets use to hone their skills here in the classroom before moving onto the real thing. They have regular visits and access to glider flights and a number of the cadets have already qualified.

Concluding the evening visit the Master presented a number of awards to the cadets and as guest of honour was asked to take the salute for the final parade.

A great evening with such wonderful young people. Thank you to CO Mark Bird and the cadets for the visit; it was informative and fun!