The Masters gathered at the Old Bailey. Our Master is towards the centre of the photo.

Each year City of London Livery Companies support a fund-raising appeal on behalf of the British Red Cross, in which the Masters are Jailed, on various charges, at the Tower of London and have to be Bailed out through members donations to release their Master.

This year the event took place on 6th September and our Master, Father Peter Harris, was duly “arrested” at the Old Bailey and sent to the Tower of London, pending being bailed.

The Masters being received at the Tower of London. Spot our Master!

Lightmonger members were generous to a fault in making donations to secure the early release of our Master, resulting in over £1500 being raised, all of which is donated in turn to the British Red Cross – City of London Branch.

The Master in process of being “released”

The Master enjoyed a pleasant repast at the Tower of London (somewhat better than bread and water) and was duly released, much to his relief, in time for later engagements in the day.

The Master thanked all members for their generous donations to secure his “release” and in supporting the valuable work of the British Red Cross.