Lightmongers carriage

Master and guests in the Lightmongers carriage

The Lightmongers participated in the Lord Mayor’s Show on 10th November, as we have done for many years now. This is one of the very first events in a busy year for the Master in representing the Company and our new Master, Steve Thomas and his guests, Liveryman Margaret Fitzsimons, Lt.Col Al Brown and his wife Eleanor, from our army affiliate 101 Regiment, thoroughly enjoyed riding in the Lightmongers carriage.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is an ancient event, where the newly elected Lord Mayor of London shows himself to the City of London in this, one of the best city parades in the world. 2018 was the 691st Show and with two exceptions, the parade has taken place every year since it first started.

The Lightmongers contingent was well supported with staff and pupils from our affiliated schools, Mary Hare and New College Worcester and our 2 cadet units TS Wizard and 56 Woolwich, with all the young people thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of the event.

There was also a good turnout of fellow Lightmongers, some who are regular participants in the parade and some for whom it was a first experience.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made our entry in the parade a success.

Much to our surprise, given the weather forecast, it did not rain during the parade; in fact it was a very pleasant day, although some of us got rather wet on the way home!

Our Learned Clerk, Phill Hyde did a wonderful job of organising our entry and marshalling the participants during the parade. The soup and rolls he provided at lunchtime were very well received by all. Thanks also go to Liveryman David Burns who worked very hard looking after the young people and making sure they got their lunches.

Some of the walkers rounded off the day with a late lunch in Millie’s Lounge at the Ned, where the highlights of the parade were discussed in a very relaxed way over a glass or two of wine!

lightmonger contingent

The enthusiastic Lightmonger contingent as we set off in the parade