Particular sectors of the industry run apprenticeship / training schemes but, because most people do not commit to the lighting industry until after basic training the Lightmongers concluded that a Livery-based Journeyman scheme would be supportive towards the industry apprenticeship schemes and was therefore appropriate.

The Lightmonger Journeyman scheme encourages admission of younger members by assisting them to develop their careers after their initial education and training. Aimed at young “high flyers”, it is a monitored professional development programme over three years. During this period, the Journeymen are able to participate in all Lightmongers functions as though they were members and attend one dinner per year as guests of the Company. The ultimate prize for the Journeymen comes after successful completion of their Journey when they are awarded the Freedom of the Company “by Servitude” and enter into full membership without the usual entry ‘fine’. The scheme started in 2005 and up to three applicants per year can be accepted with the objective that at any one time there will be a maximum of nine Journeymen in the Company.

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