The Lightmongers affiliated school, New College Worcester (NCW) for blind and visually impaired children and young people held their annual Celebration Day on Saturday 29th June 2024, where the students’ achievements over the academic year are recognised and their work, including a concert of music, is show-cased for the many visitors to the event.

The School welcome banner

A code breaking challenge!

The Lightmongers were represented on the day by the Master, Peter McVeigh, Court Assistant Bruce Kirk and Liveryman Bob Kronman.

L-R: The Master, Peter McVeigh, Court Assistant Bruce Kirk and Liveryman Bob Kronman.

There was a very full programme, including a wonderful Musical Showcase by the Students demonstrating their wide range of musical skills, guided tours of the School and an inspiring, motivational talk by Judo Paralympian Ian Rose.

School Principal Rachel Perks welcome and introduction speech.

The Lightmonger visitors were guided on their tour of the School by one of the staff, Victoria Ward, Strategic Lead – Visual Impairment Education, and were impressed by the music, art, maths, geography, foreign languages and other curriculum programmes they were shown, see photograph of some of the artwork. The students and staff truly demonstrate the power of New College Worcester to transform lives!

The Lightmongers also came across an interesting braille code breaker challenge, see earlier photograph, and the Master is now in the process of learning braille, so that he can rise to the challenge!

It was a great day for all the students and staff of NCW. Head Girl, Amy Griffin, in her speech at the event thanked the Lightmongers for their support to NCW and in particular for hosting a fantastic dinner in May to celebrate the achievements of the students. Everyone at the Lightmongers can be proud of our affiliation with this wonderful School.

The Lightmongers, through its Charitable Trust, currently has a three-year funding commitment to NCW (and to our other affiliated school, Mary Hare) that will enable the school to plan enhancements for the benefit of the students more effectively.  This funding is possible through the Lightmonger members making their annual donations, 100% of which go to support fantastic organisations, such as NCW.