Each year Elections are held on Midsummers Day, amidst a great deal of tradition and pageantry, to elect the Sheriffs of London for the year ensuing. This took place on 26th June this year.

Once you become a Liveryman of our company it is your privilege and your right to attend this ancient ceremony set in the magnificent Guildhall.

Each year two Sheriffs are elected to serve for 12 months, their residence for the period is the Old Bailey where part of their role is to look after the Judges who preside there.  There are representatives of many of the Livery companies in attendance with the Masters processing to the front in their gowns.  Traditionally Liverymen then enjoy lunch in one of the wonderful Livery halls.

New Sherriffs

New Sherriff’s Neil Redcliffe and Timothy Hailes

The Lightmongers join with other companies such as the Scriveners, the Solicitors, the Coach Makers and the Curriers in the luncheon hosted by the Tallow Chandlers.

I urge all those Liverymen who have not exercised their right to take part in this event to do so.

I also urge all Freemen to become Liverymen to be eligible to exercise this right.

In September, all Liverymen will be summoned to Guildhall for the election of the next Lord Mayor.

These ceremonies date back centuries and are part of our Nation’s history and heritage.

The office of the Sheriff is the oldest Civic Office in the City, older even than the Lord Mayor.