Our Junior Warden, Peter Harris, held his fund-raising reception at the Savile Club in London on 21st September.

It was a very enjoyable evening for all the members and guests attending, with excellent food and wine, a superb cabaret and very enjoyable company. The setting of the Savile Club was ideal for such an occasion, having a great atmosphere whilst being quite informal.

The Junior Warden gave a brief speech, welcoming everyone to the event and wishing them a very enjoyable evening, which we all duly did!

All funds raised from the event were for the Lightmongers Charitable Trust, which provides donations each year to Charities that support sensory deprivation of sight and/or hearing, where good quality lighting can be of great help, and to selected City of London supported Charities.

A huge thank you to our Junior Warden for a great evening and for the fund-raising for the Lightmongers Charitable Trust.

Junior Warden Peter Harris and his Consort Christine Tomkins